Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses questions frequently posed by our clients. For further information, please navigate to our Contact page.

  1. Are you accepting new clients at this time?

    Yes, we are! We're always eager to work with new clients; however, occasionally we may request that an engagement be postponed in order to avoid overcommitting our resources and compromising the quality of our services. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time to confirm our availability and schedule. We look forward to working with you!

  2. How do you bill for your services?

    Our billing policies are designed to accomodate the specific needs of our clientele, and our financing division enables us to extend maximum flexibility in payment terms. Our labor is normally billed on a time-and-materials basis, and (in the absence of a formalized financing arrangement) payment is generally due at the time of service. Similarly, we request remuneration for any procurement of third-party equipment or services upon order placement. We believe in complete transparency, so please contact us with any questions regarding our rates or financing options, and we'd be happy to provide the estimates you require prior to commencing our engagement.

  3. What is your service area?

    In short, we are available for engagements throughout the United States, including both onsite and offsite services. While our main loci include Metropolitan Detroit and Greater Los Angeles, the vast majority of our work can be conducted remotely, and we're happy to travel wherever we're needed. Our existing client base ranges from Florida to Alaska, and we're always anxious to diversify!

  4. Do you offer onsite consultations?

    Yes, we do! In fact, for most consulting engagements we vastly prefer conducting initial onsite walkthroughs with our clients, and we particularly value the opportunity to directly witness business processes in action. However, we are equally happy to limit ourselves to offsite activities as warranted, especially with an eye toward minimizing our clients' expense.

  5. Do you develop mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc.?

    We certainly do! In fact, most of our clients request mobile-optimized versions of the platforms we create for them, and we're pleased to oblige! For those clients requiring more graphics intensive or device-specific development, we also have a network of partners with which we collaborate, including Pixo Entertainment, a class-leading provider of mobile app solutions (and an esteemed client, to boot!).

  6. Do you provide technical support or repair services?

    In an effort to focus on our core competencies, we do not directly provide technical support or "break/fix" services at this time. However, we have a strong strategic alliance with Concise Computer Consulting, an established national provider of diagnostic and repair services for residential, business, and non-profit clients. We're also proud to say that Concise is, itself, one of our most valued clients!